Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board



horse power boiler. The boxing room, the dimensions of which are 10 feet x 15 feet, has well-isolated walls and ceiling. In this room the cheese are stored until shipped.
       Adjoining the curing room is the ice chamber, dimensions 11 feet x 25 feet, which holds sufficient ice to maintain the desired temperature in the curing room. In this room, also, is located the refrigerator which is used for storing butter.
       Over the ice chamber are the office and the storage room. The office is eleven feet square, and the storage room is 11 feet x 13 feet. Here the supplies are kept ready for use.
       In connection with the factory is another ice house, 12 feet x 14 feet in size, where the ice is preserved by means of sawdust. This ice is used for butter-making

Home of John Snetsinger, Dickinson's Landing
Home of John Snetsinger, Dickinson's Landing

purposes. All of the floors in the factory excepting those of the office and store room are of concrete.
       These and the floors of the cheese and butter rooms are connected with a tile drain leading to the river, which affords excellent drainage.
       The main building, as can be seen by the accompanying cut, is a 2 1/2-story brick structure, built in a side hill.
       The factory is equipped with electric light and power supplied by the St. Lawrence Power Company.

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