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the season of 1917 this concern manufactured over 180,000 pounds of cheese and over 4,000 pounds of whey butter. The production increased substantially in 1918.
       The factory is comprised of eight departments, namely: cheese room, butter room, curing room, boiler house, boxing room, storage room, ice chamber and office. Adjoining the factory is the ice house.
       The cheese-making room is equipped with three large vats, one hand and one power curd mill, one turbine Babcock test, one hand test, one two-horse power electric motor, which is used for milling, churning and pumping purposes.

Sweet Briar Cheese Factory, Dickinson's Landing, 
				John Snetsinger, Proprietor
Sweet Briar Cheese Factory, Dickinson's Landing, John Snetsinger, Proprietor

       The butter department is equipped with one Sharpless Cream Separator, one large combine churn and worker, one small power churn, and an eight-horse power engine which is used for running the large churn. The well, which is located in the butter room, furnishes an abundance of good, pure water at all times.
       The curing room, which is located in the basement, is 20 x 24 feet in size, and is so constructed that a temperature of fifty degrees can be maintained during the hottest weather. The cheese are lowered from the make room to the curing room by means of an elevator.
       The boiler house, which is 16 x 24 feet in size, is lined throughout with tin, which makes it practically fireproof. The boiler house is equipped with a thirty-

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