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 A. M. Snetsinger
A. M. Snetsinger aLLAN MATHIAS SNETSINGER was born in 1861 in the village of Moulinette, Ontario. He is the eldest son of the late J. G. Snetsinger, former Member of Parliament for Stormont. Mr. Snetsinger's mother's maiden name was Margaret Irving. He is an Anglican in religion and a Liberal in politics.
       Mr. Snetsinger is and has been engaged as a general merchant in Moulinette for five years, succeeding his father in business. He takes a keen and active interest in farming and is the owner of several large, well-stocked farms in this section which he personally manages.
  Duncan H. McKenzie
Duncan H. McKenzie
       The milk from over 150 cattle on these farms is delivered to the factory of the Moulinette Dairying Company, and the Lake View Factory at Mille Roches.
       Duncan H. McKenzie, has been associated with both the late J. G. Snetsinger and Mr. A. M. Snetsinger for nearly a quarter of a century, and has taken an active interest in both the commercial and dairying business.
Home of A. M. Snetsinger
Home of A. M. Snetsinger

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