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 Alex. Snetsinger, Proprietor
 Black River Cheese Factory
Alex. Snetsinger, Proprietor, Black River Cheese Factory aLEX. SNETSINGER, owner and manufacturer of the Black River Factory, is a descendant of United Empire Loyalist stock. He is generally recognized as one of the most capable and efficient cheese makers on the Cornwall Cheese Board.
       Entering the cheese business under the tutelage of Dairy Inspector J. Buro, he managed the North Branch, Black River, Moulinette and Bonville factories in the order named. Deciding to change to another sphere, he took up the study of electrical engineering in Montreal, where he made rapid progress in this profession. However, finding city life uncongenial, he purchased a farm at St. Andrews, on which he made extensive improvements. He met with an unfortunate accident during clearing operations on this farm, when, during a blasting operation, he lost his left hand at the wrist.
       Mr. Snetsinger, finding farming inconvenient, again embarked in the cheese business, purchasing the Black River Factory, where he at once started to make extensive improvements. Notable among these was the installation of a modern creamery plant for the manufacture of whey butter, a cool curing room, and an ice house with a capacity of sixty tons of ice. A temperature of sixty degrees is maintained in the curing room during the warmest weather. A refrigerator for the storage of butter is another feature. In up-to-date equipment, the Black River Factory is second to none in Eastern Ontario. Other modern accessories are a Babcock test, gang presses, milk agitators, gas and steam engines, rotatory and power pumps, combined churn and worker, and a DeLaval cream separator, with a capacity of 5,000 pounds per hour.
       Besides the manufacture of butter and cheese, Mr. Snetsinger manages a couple of apiaries, one located on the farm at St. Andrews, the other near the factory.
       Much of Mr. Snetsinger's success in business is due to the thorough grounding he received in various colleges he attended. He took several courses in the Kingston Dairy School and in the Kingston Business College. In 1916 he attended the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, where he specialized in apiculture and creamery work.
       During the season of 1917 a Dairy Commission graded and set the price of cheese at Montreal, this price, Mr. Snetsinger claimed, being a little more than the cost of production. Taking the initiative in an attempt to get a higher price for this commodity, Mr. Snetsinger became the prime mover in the agitation that resulted in sending delegations to Ottawa and Perth to meet the Minister of Agriculture of the Ottawa Government. It was in no small measure due to the representations made by these delegations that the price of cheese was eventually given a substantial raise in price.
       In 1918 Mr. Snetsinger organized the farmers of the district in the interest of the United Farmers of Ontario, and is at present President of the St. Andrews' Branch of this organization.

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