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Interior View - Smith Hardware Company
Interior View - Smith Hardware Company


by H. M. Stiles
fROM the standpoint of composition, meat and cheese may be readily compared with one another. Neither one contains any appreciable quantity of the carbohydrates, and both are valuable for the protein and fat they possess. Furthermore, they are about equally well digested, and there is no reason to suppose that the nutrients of one are any more valuable than the other. One pound of cheese will, however, furnish just about as much actual nourishment as two pounds of fresh meat. Yet, it is extremely doubtful if cheese will ever entirely replace meat as a source of protein and fat, nor is it desirable that it should, unless strict economy in the diet is essential. Meat and gravy form a natural relish for the vegetables, just as cheese does for the breads. Both have their places in our dietaries. At the same time, economy would be effected if cheese was given a more prominent place in our diet and used in at least one meal a day with the deliberate intention of procuring the essential proteins from this source rather than from the more costly meats. Bread and cheese can be used in such amounts as to constitute what is called a balanced diet, i.e., in such amounts as to supply the right proportions of muscle-forming foods in comparison with the energy value; but fruit added to the diet would render it more attractive and palatable, and favor digestion. It also tends to decrease the possibility of constipation. A case was investigated and reported by the Office of Experiment Stations, U. S. Department of Agriculture, of a man who lived for months upon a diet of bread, cheese and fruit, and who remained in good health and active, and did not weary of the monotony of the diet. It will generally be found that the watery and refreshing fruits or succulent vegetables, with their large supply of cellulose, are a pleasant contrast to the concentrated and fatty cheese. Thus, when planning menus in which a cheese dish is the chief feature, pains should be taken to supply crisp, watery vegetables or fresh fruit salads.

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