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 John F. Schneider, Manager
 St. Lawrence Breweries Ltd.

John F. Schneider, Manager, St. Lawrence Breweries Ltd. of consumers in all parts of the Province, and also in far-off quarters of the Dominion as the ale and porter of the St. Lawrence Brewery more generally known to the public as "Cornwall Ale" is known from coast to coast by customers who have from personal experience of its superfine quality and aroma a great appreciation of the merit of "Cornwall Ale."
       The quality of the ale manufactured by the St. Lawrence Breweries, Ltd., is guaranteed by the close attention of the Brewer to the cardinal points in the art of brewing, viz: Excellence of material used, the best of malt and hops, the purity of the filtered water, the cleanliness of the manufacturing and storing processes.
       The Financial Executive is under the direction of Mr. E. P. Schnaufer of Montreal, whose portrait also accompanies this sketch. Mr. E. P. Schnaufer is the youngest son of Mr. Frederick Schnaufer who has been the President of the Brewery since its inauguration. Mr. Schnaufer takes a great personal interest in the affairs of the Brewery, and is always anxious and ready to do anything in his power to increase the success of the Brewery and uphold the reputation of "Cornwall Ale."
       The manufacture is under the direct supervision of Mr. J. F. Schneider whose photograph accompanies this short account of the Brewery. Mr. Schneider is an American by birth, and a British subject by naturalization, and was connected with some of the leading Breweries in the United States of America. He is a graduate of the National Brewers Academy where he took up courses in the Science and Arts of applied Brewing, Malting and Refrigerating Engineering, and has also had Canadian experience in the production of still ales and stouts according to the English System.
       The Manufacturers of Cornwall Ale look forward to the time when they will be able to put out in the near future, a beer even more palatable and potent, and of a higher nutritive quality containing a more generous percentage of the mother of beer which is alcohol; thereby producing a beer resembling more nearly that which was drunk by our prosperous and robust forefathers.
       The St. Lawrence Brewery present their compliments to the readers of this most valuable book and thank them for their kind perusal of this short descriptive article.

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