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 E. P. Schnaufer, Sec.-Treasurer
 St. Lawrence Breweries Ltd.

E. P. Schnaufer, Sec.-Treasurer, St. Lawrence Breweries Ltd. tHIS BREWERY of which the accompanying photographs give some scenic description, is a quite modern plant. The Brewery building of brick and stone was erected in 1908, the large Bottle House and Warehouse being added in the year 1917.
       The whole plant covers an area of about two acres of land, and is most favorably situated on Water Street, having a Railway Siding up to loading platform, and canal frontage, and being only about one block distant from the Steamship Wharves, and the principal street of the town.
       The Brewery at its commencement was known as The Cornwall Brewing Company, but in 1909 was incorporated as The St. Lawrence Breweries, Limited. It is a joint stock Company capitalized at $500,000.00, all the shares being privately owned, none having been offered to the public for subscription.
       The Brewery has a modern refrigerator and carbonating system installed throughout, and its cellars have a storage capacity of over 6000 barrels or 1150,000 gallons. The Brew Kettle is capable of manufacturing 8,000 gallons of beer per working day.
       The Bottle House contains the most modern bottling machinery and is up-to-date in every respect.
       The Machinery includes a Loew Pasteurizer capable of pasteurizing 100 barrels or 2,400 dozen pints of bottled beer per day, and the automatic bottle soaker, two automatic bottle washing and rinsing machines, automatic bottle filler and crowner, and two automatic labelling machines, comprise an outfit the full capacity of which is taxed to the utmost to take care of the very large output of bottled beer necessary to fill the orders for Cornwall Ale, Porter and Lager in the summer months.
       Owing to restrictive legislation, the St. Lawrence Breweries, Limited., is common with the other Breweries in the Province, not being permitted to sell ale containing more than 2 1/2% proof-spirit in the Province, since the beginning of the Great War and the manufacture and sale of a beer to meet the requirements of the law has since then engaged their attention.
       The Brewery has succeeded in turning out a beer of the required strength which has met with the approval of a very large and constantly increasing number

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