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tHIS splendid 270-acre farm, located Lots 2, 3 and 4, 8th Concession, Indian Lands, Charlottenburg, Glengarry, owned and operated by Hugh Robertson, is for sale.
       The farm yields annually 1,100 bushels of grain, 80 tons of hay and 80 bushels of potatoes. A fine sugar bush of 1,500 trees is located on the property.
       There is no finer land in Canada than this property, and the residence and barns are among the most pretentious in Glengarry County. This magnificent farm is near the village of Martintown, and close to schools, churches and all conveniences of modern life. A rural mail delivery passes the door.
       The dimensions of the barn, which comprise two stories and basement, are 166 feet by 50 feet. The basement is 50 feet square. It is a steel structure with concrete foundation and was built by one of the leading barn building firms of Ontario. It is a landmark for miles around.
       A handsome and commodious 2 ½-story brick dwelling is recognized as one of the finest in this section. There are eleven rooms in the house proper, with a kitchen and woodshed annex.
       Duncan Robertson, grandfather of Mr. William Robertson, settled on this farm in 1776. Two hundred acres are under crop and pasture, the remainder being bush. Two never-failing springs are located on the property. Altogether, it is an ideal estate suitable for either a practical farmer or a business man seeking rest and contentment.
       Mr. Robertson, who is sixty-three years of age, is the son of John and Margaret McDougall Robertson. He is a Presbyterian in religion, a Conservative in politics, and a Scotch Canadian.
       For full particulars and information in regard to farm, address Mr. Hugh Robertson, R.R. 2, Martintown, Ont.
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