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 A. H. Robertson, Warden of
 United Counties of
 Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
A. H. Robertson, Warden of United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry tHE subject of this sketch, A. H. Robertson, who was at the recent municipal election chosen for the fourth time as Reeve of Maxville, and who was further honored by being elected Warden of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, at the January Session of the Counties' Council, held in Cornwall, is the first native of Maxville to hold this honor.
       He is the youngest son of the late Mr. Alexander Robertson, and his wife, Harriet Boyd. Mr. Robertson was born January 1st, 1866, on a farm in the 18th Concession of the Indian Lands, now a part of the village of Maxville. His early education was received in the Athol Public School, where he was a class mate of the Rev. Charles Gordon, more widely known as "Ralph Connor," the celebrated author.
       When quite young Mr. Robertson apprenticed himself to Mr. Peter McLeod who conducted a watchmaking and jewelry business in the recently destroyed McBain Block. In 1886 he started business in Maxville on his own account. Three years later in 1889, Mr. Robertson built a fine block of his own and at present occupies this building as a jewelry store.
       In 1887, he was married to Miss Wilhelmina Wannamaker of Sterling, Ontario. Their union was blessed with one daughter, who is now Mrs. T. W. Munro of Maxville.
       Mr. Robertson has always taken a keen and intelligent interest in every movement that has for its object the betterment of his native town, county and country. He has always been a staunch temperance advocate and has been for some time a member of the Dominion Council Royal Templars of Temperance.
       Ever since the outbreak of the war, Mr. Robertson has thrown himself enthusiastically into the prosecution of the cause so far as local enterprise and energy could be exerted, and the departed as well as the returned soldiers were always the object of his solicitude and thoughtful consideration.
       Being an enthusiastic motorist, the Good Road Movement has in him a warm advocate and he is a member of the executive of the Eastern Ontario Good Roads Association.
       In addition to the offices already mentioned as being held by Mr. Robertson, he is also a Notary Public for the Province of Ontario and local manager, Maxville, for the Bell Telephone Company. He is, perhaps, one of the most efficient and popular officers that ever occupied the wardens chair.
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