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aLONZO S. RAYMOND was born February 11, 1856, on the 200-acre farm which he now owns and works, located East 1/2 Lot 5; East 1/2 Lot 6, Sheik's Island, Cornwall Township. He has been farming all his life and is a patron of the Lake View Factory and a member of the Cornwall Cheese Board.
       Mr. Raymond's father's name is George Raymond and his mother's maiden name Martha E. Terrell. He married Anna Alguire and is the father of two sons. In religion, he is a Methodist and in politics a Conservative.

Residence of Alonzo S. Raymond, Sheik's Island
Residence of Alonzo S. Raymond, Sheik's Island

       Part of Mr. Raymond's livestock equipment consists of 40 head of cattle, 6 horses, 40 swine and over 100 fowl. His farm yields annually over 1,000 bushels of grain, 100 tons of hay, 20 acres of corn, 200 bushels of potatoes and 100 bushels of vegetables. He has a large apple orchard.
       Mr. Raymond delivers to the factory, during the season, 700 pounds of milk, and produces annually over 2,000 pounds of butter. He takes particular pride in his herd of pure bred Holstein cattle.
       Besides his other farming interests, Mr. Raymond has a fine sugar bush and a well-kept apiary. Roy Raymond, his son, assists his father in the running of the farm.
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