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both entire satisfaction and superior service. A proud and truthful boast of the management of Quig Bros. is that no work leaving their shops has been returned condemned.
       In 1919 Quig Bros. built and delivered a large pump to the Provincial Paper Company, which was successfully installed, and received the unstinted praise of mechanical experts and press alike. This pump was the largest ever built in Cornwall. This is but one of the many excellent jobs undertaken and completed for local industries.

Pouring Operation, Quig Bros., Foundry
Pouring Operation, Quig Bros., Foundry

       Quig Bros. have established large and remunerative connections with marine boats, doing all class of repairs on engines, boilers and steel structure. Their day and night service for these various marine companies has had not a little to do with their conspicuous success in business. In fact, it might truthfully be said that in business "SERVICE" is the middle name of James E. Quig.
       Quig Bros. are manufacturers of brass and grey iron castings, cast iron pipe fittings, wood pipe fittings, flanged fittings and specials. The future business of Quig Bros., under the energetic and capable personal management of James E. Quig, is established and assured.

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