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managing and directing the entire business under the former firm name of "Quig Bros."
       His acetylene welding plant has always been a special feature of his foundry equipment, and Quig Bros. have always been called upon to lend a helping hand to the farmers, cheese factories, tourists, etc., by repairing the broken parts of machinery with the wonderful process of acetylene welding. They have had the experience of years, and their wide range of knowledge thus acquired has enabled them to carry out these repairs successfully and satisfactorily.
       Just recently Mr. Quig has installed a modern electric welding machine to co-operate with the work done with his acetylene welding machine. This new added feature to his already well-nigh perfect equipment is capable of doing difficult and complicated work.

Exterior View, Quig Bros., Foundry
Exterior View, Quig Bros., Foundry

       In 1917-18 Mr. Quig went out after big business, and he succeeded by close figuring in closing large contracts with many outside firms which were satisfactorily filled and promptly delivered. Hundreds of tons of cast iron and wood pipe fitting were completed and shipped to all parts of Canada, the Maritime as well as the Western Provinces. At present the firm has practically closed a large contract with a Vancouver, B.C., firm. Doing business from tidewater to tidewater has been a very laudable ambition of Mr. Quig's, which seems about to be realized.
       Various kinds of complicated machines and pumps have been built, shipped, and given

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