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James E. Quig
James E. Quig

tHE firm of Quig Bros., Water Street, Cornwall, Ont., Engineers, Founders, Blacksmiths, Machinists and Boiler Makers, form a striking and concrete example of the remarkable success that has been attained in conservative business in a short period through the courage, ability, integrity and perseverance of a single individual. James E. Quig is this individual, and the rapid rise of Quig Bros.' Foundry through various vicissitudes and against formidable competition is the result of his genius and handiwork. Mr. Quig is owner and manager of Quig Bros.' Foundry.
       James E. Quig is a comparatively young man to have gained the standing in the local industrial world which he now commands, having been born in 1883. He is the son of John Quig, who was former Engineer of the Cornwall Water Works system.
       James E. Quig was educated in the Separate Schools and finished his educational training as an expert foundryman in every department by graduating with a Diploma from the International Correspondence School as a mechanical engineer. He began his career in 1900 as a mechanical apprentice in Derochie Bros.' Foundry, Cornwall.
       In 1904 he was offered and accepted the position of mechanic with the Toronto Paper Company, and this concern, quick to recognize his ability, immediately appointed him to the important position of Master Mechanic. In 1908 Mr. Quig resigned from the Toronto Paper Company, to accept a better position as a mechanic in the C.P.R. Angus Shops, Montreal, there doing technical work of an intricate nature. Success in this position led to a further promotion by the C.P.R. management, that of mechanical apprentice instructor.
       In 1911 Mr. Quig, with keen intuitiveness for bigger things, saw opportunities in Cornwall for a larger field in independent action, and established here the firm of J. E. Quig & Co. This firm did a thriving business in acetylene welding. In 1912 he formed a partnership with his brother, Mr. F. Quig, and purchased the foundry of J. Miller & Co. This partnership continued until 1916, when it was dissolved, James E. Quig acquiring the whole plant and assuming personal charge of

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