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  P. A. Poitevin
P. A. Poitevin p.A. POITEVIN lays undisputed claim to a unique distinction. He is the only local automobile tire vulcanizer. The reasons for Mr. Poitevin being the only tire vulcanizer in Cornwall and vicinity are that he is particularly well qualified in this line because of an extensive knowledge gained through service in the Goodyear Factory in Toronto, natural adaptability, superior workmanship, and a constant all-the-year-round business to which he devotes his personal attention. Besides his large and lucrative local trade, Mr. Poitevin specializes on out-of-town work and country trade, and automobile owners within a radius of many miles bring and send their tires to him for repair. Mr. Poitevin has one of the best-equipped shops in Canada and is prepared to do all kinds of tire work. Speaking of tire work, Mr. Poitevin gave garage owners in Cornwall an excellent excuse for doing away with their own vulcanizing plants and handing their work over to him. Although only twenty-four years old, Mr. Poitevin, through up-to-the-minute methods employed in vulcanizing, retreading and rebuilding of tires, 2-1, relining, splicing tubes, etc., etc., established a business which continues to grow and thrive. As an indication of this, Mr. Poitevin has contracted for the installation of a tire puncture-proofing machine at a cost of $2,000. This is the first machine of this kind ever shipped into Canada. All work is guaranteed at this establishment.
       Mr. Poitevin's place of business is located on Pitt Street, opposite the McLaughlin garage. His motto is "Superior Service."

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