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  E. O. Poirier
E. O. PoirierpOIRIER BROS., contractors in plumbing, steamfitting, hot water and warm air heating, tinsmithing and sheet metal work, was established Sept. 1, 1915. This concern, located in the Brennan Block, East Cornwall, is managed and controlled by E. O. Poirier, the senior member of the firm, and during its four years of business has met with remarkable success.
       As head of the firm and its guiding genius, E. O. Poirier has no superiors in the plumbing trade in Cornwall district, as is amply demonstrated by the fact that he has successfully handled larger contracts than any local plumber in installing steam and hot water heating plants in the old and new Catholic churches here and the Presbyterian and Catholic churches at Apple Hill, also the two Catholic churches in St. Andrews.
       Mr. Poirier is recognized everywhere as an expert, and in superior workmanship and moderate prices he defies competition in Canada. This may appear like boasting, but Mr. Poirier is prepared to back up his opinion in this respect with real money.
  C. F. Poirier
C. F. Poirier        Gaining a thorough theoretical knowledge of his business through the International Correspondence Schools, and with several years of practical application together with a natural adaptability and liking for his profession, Mr. Poirier has all the essentials which provide a complete working equipment. He drafts his own plans, furnishes estimates, and is prepared to tender on any contracts in Cornwall and vicinity in this line.
       This firm already enjoys a large Cornwall business, but is always looking for a larger patronage. Poirier Bros. guarantee satisfaction in all the work they undertake, and the firm has a slogan to the effect that once they start a job they never leave it until it is completed. C. F. Poirier, the junior member of the firm, like his brother, has a thorough working knowledge of the plumbing business. Give this firm a trial. Their phone number is 410. P. O. Box 836, Cornwall, Ontario.
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