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  N. Phillips
N. PhillipsdPHILLIPS & CO., Clothiers and Mens' Furnishings, is perhaps the oldest established concern of its kind in Cornwall having served the public for the past thirty-five years.
       The firm of N. Phillips & Co., has prospered. Starting from a small beginning, and successfully overcoming business reverses in the early days, the firm has gradually acquired preeminence in their line and an enviable reputation in the community. It is today generally recognized as Cornwall's leading Clothiers and Men's Furnishing establishment.
  H. Phillips
H. Phillips       Sterling integrity in their business dealings, a superior class of merchandise, and the unfailing desire and ability to give satisfaction and please fastidious customers has been the secret of their success.
       N. Phillips, the head of the firm, is, perhaps, as well known throughout the district as any merchant in Cornwall and is very popular with the shopping public, H. Phillips, the junior member of the firm is well and favorably known among the younger set and is familiar with the needs of the buying public. Even greater success is predicted for the firm of N. Phillips & Co.
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