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wILLIAM J. O'BRIEN is thirty-six years old, and has been the proprietor of the Glen Walter Cheese Factory for the past eight years. His factory is one of the best-equipped on the Cornwall Cheese Board, and there are some thirty-odd patrons who regularly deliver their milk to him.
       The quantity of milk drawn to the factory daily for the season is estimated at 8,000 pounds per day, making an annual production of 65 tons of cheese.
       Mr. O'Brien is an expert maker of cheese and a graduate of the Kingston Dairy School. He has carried off prizes in colored cheese at the Ottawa Exhibition on several occasions. He uses the famous Babcock test in his factory, thus insuring a better grade of milk.

William J. O'Brien and Family
William J. O'Brien and Family

       Mr. O'Brien intends shortly to install an even better plant for the accommodation of his patrons and in expectation of a substantial increase in his business. He is energetic, ambitious and progressive, and very popular with the patrons of his factory. His knowledge of the cheese manufacturing business assures for him a successful future.
       Mr. O'Brien's present wife's maiden name was Rose Prevost. He has four sons. In religion he is a Roman Catholic and in politics a Liberal. He is of Irish extraction.
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