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  Peter Wong
Peter WongtHE NEW YORK RESTAURANT, Peter Wong, proprietor, has been successfully catering to the culinary needs of the public since July 12, 1913. It is the oldest established restaurant in Cornwall.
       The New York Restaurant specializes in a la carte dinners and short orders of all kinds. Peter Wong is an artist in preparing dishes and menus both dainty, satisfying and appetizing. With years of experience he has gained a skill in cookery that has both charmed and pleased the most epicurean taste. Cleanliness in kitchen and cleanliness in napery and silverware is a passion with Peter Wong. This is one of the main reasons for his success in the restaurant business.
       For a luscious broiled steak, a crisp chop, or fresh or salt water fish of all kinds, you will be well advised to patronize the New York Restaurant.
       Mr. Wong makes a feature of catering to banquets, clubs and societies. He gives special attention to serving farmers and Cheese Board patrons and extends a cordial invitation to them to visit his place.

  Lem Howe
Lem Howe

       Lem Howe is one of the popular and indispensable assistants in this up-todate cafe. Lem is always on the job. The New York Restaurant is open day and night. Give it a trial.
       Montreal and other large city epicures in restaurant edibles have given it as their opinion that this cafe easily ranks with the best of metropolitan restaurants, both as to the class of the dishes served and also the style with which they are served;
       Peter Wong has just purchased the Drossos Restaurant which he has completely renovated. This restaurant is one of the finest in its appointments to be found anywhere. Mr. Wong will operate this restaurant together with the New York cafe.
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