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  M.J. and G.I. Murray,
  Sons of Mrs. B. J. Murray

M.J. and G.I. Murray, Sons of Mrs. B.J. Murray mRS. B. J. MURRAY was the wife of the late B. J. Murray. She has four sons. The Murray family is Scotch-Canadian, Presbyterian in religion, and Independent in politics.
       Mrs. Murray's two farms, comprising 185 acres, are located south part, Lots 11 and 12, Seventh Concession, and Lot 12, Sixth Concession, Indian Lands, Charlottenburg Township. These properties are operated by her sons M. J., G. I., R. E., and D. C. Murray. They are stocked with 33 cattle, 5 horses, 17 swine, and 40 fowl, and produce annually about 850 bushels grain, 115 tons hay, 140 tons corn, 150 bushels potatoes, with fruit and vegetables for own use. There are also over 300 trees suitable for tapping on the properties.
       The Murray family have spent all their life farming and has been members of the Cheese Board since its organization. Four hundred and fifty pounds of milk is daily sent to the Glen Factory from the splendid herd of registered Ayrshire cattle. The Murray family have been exhibitors and prize winners on cattle at Cornwall and Williamstown Fairs.
       Mr. B. J. Murray died March 4th, 1917. The two younger boys are still attending school.

Farm Building and Cattle of Mrs. B.J. Murray
Farm Building and Cattle of Mrs. B. J. Murray
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