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  David Murray
David Murray dAVID MURRAY is sixty-nine years of age, and is the son of Donald Murray, his mother being Marguerite Clark in her maiden days. He has six sons and one daughter, his wife's maiden name being Caroline Earner. He is a Scotch-Canadian, a Presbyterian and an Independent.
       He owns two properties, consisting of 180 acres, located South Part Lots 7 and 8 and Lot 11, Sixth Concession, Charlottenburg Township, Indian Lands, Glengarry County. The annual production of this farm during an average season, is 1,700 bushels grain, 90 tons hay, 140 tons corn, 350 bushels potatoes. There is also a sugar-bush on the farm comprising about 400 trees. Mr. Murray has an excellent herd of Graded Holstein cattle, from which, he delivers daily 500 pounds of milk to the Glen Factory. Mr. Murray's son, Mr. L. B. Murray, is salesman for the Glen Factory on the Cornwall Board.
       An interesting feature of the family history is the long period which the Murray family have occupied this farm. On October 15th, 1775, Mr. William Murray, grandfather of David Murray, located on this property. His wife was Christie McCallum, and both hailed from Scotland. In the next generation, his son, Donald Murray, who was born October 18th, 1808, and died November 28th, 1892, lived here and married Margaret Clark.
       Mr. Murray is at present specializing in the breeding of pure bred Holstein Cattle for sale. He is recognized as one of the most progressive and substantial farmers of the community. His three sons, L. B., W. A., and George Murray, are engaged in the active operation of the farm.

Home of David Murray
Home of David Murray
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