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  Jay Moss
Jay Moss jAY S. MOSS was born on Sheiks Island, January 21, 1867, and is the owner of the 120-acre farm located West 1/2 Lot 30, Second Concession, Cornwall Township. His parents were Samuel Moss and Janet Clowe. He married Margaret McNaughton and is the father of one son and one daughter. In religion Mr. Moss is a Presbyterian and in politics a Conservative.
       Mr. Moss is a cattle buyer of prominence, and on his farm has over 50 cattle, besides 5 horses, 6 sheep, 10 swine and over 100 fowl. His farm yields 250 bushels of grain, 100 tons of hay, 6 acres of corn, 50 bushels of potatoes and 500 bushels of vegetables annually. He has been a consistent winner at the Cornwall Fair, exhibiting Short Horn Durham cattle.
       Jay Moss was a great athlete in his day, and one of the star home players on the old Cornwall Lacrosse team, when it was in its palmy days. Since leaving the athletic arena he has gone into politics, and the people have shown their confidence in him by electing him Deputy Reeve of Cornwall Township. Mr. Moss's father died a few months ago at the ripe age of 86 years.

Home of Jay Moss
Home of Jay Moss
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