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  J. R. Maynard
J. R. Maynard j.R. MAYNARD, jeweler, Pitt Street, Cornwall, typifies, to a remarkable degree, the success that may be obtained in business by fair dealing, honesty, perseverance and an intimate knowledge of every phase of the jeweler's art.
       Mr. Maynard, who is a native of Campbellford, Ont., has had twenty years' experience in the jewelry business, fourteen of which have been in Cornwall, and this lengthy business training is strikingly indicated by the large and well-selected stock which he carries. The most fastidious taste is easily satisfied after examining the fine assortment of jewelry which is shown to splendid advantage in this elegantly appointed store. A complete stock in all lines carried in the most up-to-date jewelry establishment is the undisputed claim of the management.
       Mr. Maynard specializes in presentation gifts, and his large and pleased clientele among farmers and citizens generally, unqualifiedly endorse his intelligent assistance and thoughtful advice in choosing appropriate selections in these articles.
       Being a master mechanic and an expert in watch and clock repairing, Mr. Maynard has made a successful feature of a modern repair department which shows an ever-increasing growth through the liberal and pleased patronage of the community.
       Mr. Maynard's personal popularity has had much to do with his success in business, and his never-failing courtesy and desire to please have gained him many warm business and personal friends. Mr. Maynard is also an issuer of marriage licenses.

Interior View of J. R. Maynard's Store
Interior View of J. R. Maynard's Store
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