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John F. McRae
John F. McRae

jOHN F. McRAE is forty-three years of age and owns and operates the 200 acre farm located Lot 15, 1st Concession, Lancaster Township, Glengarry County, commonly known as the D. M. McPherson farm. Mr. McRae is one of the most prominent farmers in the Glengarry county, and has been always active in politics, giving his support to Liberal party principles.
       Mr. McRae owns a herd of 85 cattle, 6 horses, and over 100 fowl. The annual yield of his farm is 2,000 bushels of grain, 130 tons of hay, 700 tons of corn, and a large quantity of maple syrup.
       Our subject has been farming upwards of fifteen years and has been a patron of the Cornwall Cheese & Butter Board for that length of time. He ships 400,000 pounds of milk to Montreal annually.
       Mr. McRae is the son of George and Johanna McRae, and his wife's maiden name was Lillie Ross. He is the father of three sons and one daughter. In religion he is a Presbyterian and his nationality is Scotch.
       Mr. McRae is a director of the Consolidated Milk Company of Montreal, and a director of the Montreal Milk Shippers Association. He has been prominently mentioned as a Liberal candidate for the House of Commons on many occasions.

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