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pETER McNEIL is forty-three years of age and owns and operates the splendid 107-acre farm located West 1/2 Lot 1, S. R. R., Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry. He is a patron of the Glendale Cheese Factory, where he delivers a daily average of 420 pounds of milk during the season. He has been a member of the Cornwall Cheese Board since it was formed, twenty-one years ago.
       Mr. McNeil has a herd of 28 graded Holstein cattle, which he is gradually converting into pure breds, 5 horses, 40 swine and a large number of fowl as part of the live-stock equipment of the farm. The annual yield of this property is 900 bushels of grain, 90 tons of hay, 100 bushels of potatoes, 30 barrels of fruit and 11 acres of corn.
       Mr. McNeil, who is an experienced judge of horseflesh, has probably the finest

Peter McNeil and His Barns
Peter McNeil and His Barns

pair of carriage horses in this part of the country, and he is justly proud of the splendid showing they have made at various exhibitions and fairs throughout the country. At the Ottawa Exhibition and local fairs, within the short period of three years, these splendid animals have captured no less than 67 firsts and a large number of seconds in prizes. He has also exhibited and won prizes in cattle, fruit and vegetables.
       Mr. McNeil, in fraternal circles, is a Noble Grand of the I.O.O.F., and a member of the Foresters. He was a trustee of the Black River School for three years. He is a life member of the Red Cross Society.
       Mr. McNeil's father was Murdock McNeil, and his mother's maiden name was Annie Stewart. He married Jessie Annie McLean, and is the father of three sons and one daughter. In religion he is a Protestant, in politics a Conservative, and a Scotch Canadian. He is generally recognized as one of the progressive and substantial farmers of the community.
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