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tHE McIntosh Nursery is located two miles east of Harrison's and ten miles northwest of Cornwall. It is the only nursery in this locality and is generally regarded as one of the best in point of quality production in Ontario.
       Donald A. McIntosh, owner and proprietor, is devoting his entire time and attention to specializing in the nursery and dairying business, in both of which he has acquired a wonderful success and an enviable reputation.

Donald A McIntosh
Donald A McIntosh

       His nursery stock at present consists of about 50,000 apple trees of the following varieties: Baldwins, Wealthies, Fameuse, Gano, Talman Sweets, Wolfe River, Duchess, Yellow Transparent, Northern Spy, Snows, Maiden Blush, Banana, Ben Davis, Black Ben Davis, Vineland-Strawberry and the famous McIntosh Red, known the world over for its excellency and good quality, also plum, pear and peach trees, and gooseberry, currant and black walnut bushes and berries and shrubs.
       Mr. McIntosh is a descendant of United Empire Loyalist stock, his father, the late John D. McIntosh, having purchased the 200-acre farm, now operated by him, from the McQueen estate about sixty years ago. Previous to his death, about eleven years ago, at the age of seventy-six years, John D. McIntosh was assessor and collector for the Township of Cornwall for twenty-six years.
       Our subject was born on this farm and has always lived there, with the exception of about two years spent in the West engaged in the lumbering, dredging and contracting business.
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