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 D. B. McDonald
D. B. McDonaldaUTO and tractor distributors, harness and carriage dealers, agencies for farm machinery, gas engines and farm supplies. This business was established in 1885 by D. McDonald, father of the late D. B. McDonald, and was taken over by him in 1912.
       D. B. McDonald was very widely known in these parts, having extensive business connections which extended over a period of twenty years. Mr. McDonald was brought up in the business and knew the needs of the people of this locality, and was very quick to accommodate himself to the rapid changes in the various lines handled.
       In 1913 he went into the auto business. He immediately took the agency of the Ford cars, which has been handled by the firm ever since. The Ford has proved itself to be the most popular car on the market on account of its efficiency and lowcost of upkeep. The number of Fords placed in this locality in the last few years is something wonderful. The Fordson tractor is also handled by this concern, and it has certainly proved itself a boom for the farmer and has made good, and is here to stay.

  Lloyd E. McDonald
Lloyd E. McDonald
       L. E. McDonald is also one of the firm and the travelling representative. He was overseas fighting for his King and Country, but has returned and is making his regular calls on the firm's customers. This business has wonderfully increased in volume, being about ten times as large as it was in the early 90's. The success of this concern is attributed to their method of doing business, and their motto is "A square deal to all."
       The firm has recently secured the agency for the famous Chalmers Automobile which is recognized as one of the standard cars on the market.
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