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mISS KATE McCULLOCH'S parents were Alexander McCulloch and Grace McIntosh. She is of Scotch descent, born in Canada, a Presbyterian and a Conservative.
       Her farm is an extensive one of 300 acres of splendid farming land. It is located Lots 22 and 23, Third Concession, Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry. It is stocked with 40 head of cattle, 8 horses, 24 sheep, 25 swine and 50 fowl. It yields annually 800 bushels grain, 120 tons hay, 110 tons corn, 200 bushels potatoes, 2 acres turnips, including 20 fruit trees. There is also a sugar bush on the farm of about 500 maple trees.

Miss Kate McCulloch and Her Home
Miss Kate McCulloch and Her Home

       Our subject has been farming for 14 years, being assisted in the work by Donald McCulloch. She delivers daily 600 pounds of milk to the Glen Donald Factory, and has been a patron of the Cheese Board for 14 years.
       Miss McCulloch is an exhibitor and prize winner at the Williamstown Fair on horses. She is active in church affairs, and in assisting the Red Cross work. "Glenhurst," her home, was called after the country place of the late John McCulloch, Scotland, Miss McCulloch's grandfather.
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