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a.C. McARTHUR was born in 1863. He is the son of the late Archibald D. McArthur and Margaret (Christie) McArthur. He married Annie M. Cresswell and is the father of three sons and one daughter. In religion, he is a Presbyterian, in politics a Liberal, and of Scotch descent.
       Mr. McArthur is a patron of the North Branch Cheese Factory where he delivers an average of 450 pounds of milk daily. He manufactures 300 pounds of butter annually.
       Mr. McArthur's farm has an annual yield of 1,200 bushels of grain, 100 tons of hay, 200 bushels of potatoes, 7 acres of corn and a large crop of apples. He has ten colonies of bees and a fine sugar bush located on the property.

A. C. McArthur and His Residence
A. C. McArthur and His Residence

       The live-stock equipment consists of 34 pure-bred and graded cattle, 6 horses, 43 swine and a large number of fowl.
       Mr. McArthur had two sons serving at the front during the war, C. Pierson and Leonard C. McArthur. He is a director of the Martintown Rural Telephone Company, choir leader of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Martintown, and has been superintendent of the Sunday school of this church for many years.
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