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  B. Leclair
B. Leclair lECLAIR'S MEAT MARKET, Bartholomew Leclair, owner and proprietor, is admittedly the most up-to-date and best-equipped in Cornwall. Mr. Leclair sells and delivers to all parts of the town and district all kinds of the best meat and fish procurable.
       Installed in his spacious shop is a modern artificial cold air refrigerator which is guaranteed by a special process to preserve and keep dry indefinitely meats and other produce. The dimensions of this refrigerator are 12' x 11' and a two ton machine is used in connection with keeping it at any given temperature.
       Mr. Leclair truthfully boasts of the finest and best-equipped slaughter house and sausage room in Cornwall, located on Gladstone Avenue, a short distance from his shop.
       Mr. Leclair was born in Montreal, May 1, 1855, and came to Cornwall in 1876, when he bought out Mr. Peter Lambert, who was located near Plamondon's Hotel. The following year he moved to his present site, Brennan's Corners. His ever-increasing business compelled him to erect a splendid block here, which he now occupies.
       It is said of Mr. Leclair that no man in the meat business locally has so thorough a knowledge of every angle of the butchering trade than he. By square dealing and courteous treatment he has gained the respect and regard of the people of Cornwall and community.

B. Leclair Meat Market
B. Leclair Meat Market
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