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  Oscar Leblanc
Oscar Leblanc lEBLANC BROTHERS are Cornwall's leading merchant tailors and haberdashers. The firm is composed of Oscar and George A. Leblanc, both well and favorably known to the local and district public, not only because of their long residence here, but also because of their superior tailoring and reputation for honesty and straightforward dealing.
       Both George and Oscar Leblanc were born in River Beaudette, P.Q. The Leblanc family came to Cornwall about forty years ago, and Oscar and George Leblanc have been engaged independently and as a firm in business here ever since. Both have mastered thoroughly every detail of tailoring and cutting. It is no mean boast of this firm that they have pleased and satisfied customers from Coast to Coast.

  George A. Leblanc
George A. Leblanc
      Oscar Leblanc started business for himself in the Brennan Block, East Cornwall, where he built up such a lucrative trade that he was compelled to move to more spacious quarters in the Snetsinger Block, Pitt Street. In 1907 the present firm of Leblanc Brothers was formed and located in the Campbell Block, Pitt Street, where they are at present situated. Mr. Oscar Leblanc has been a member of the Cornwall Town Council, and for twenty-five years a member of the Cornwall Separate School Board. He has been its Chairman for the past ten years. He is a member of the Cornwall Board of Trade. Mr. Oscar Leblanc recently acquired the pretentious McRae Block, one of the finest business blocks in Cornwall. Madame Leblanc, wife of Oscar Leblanc, was formerly Miss Adelina Ouellette, daughter of the late Captain Ouellette, of Lachine, P.Q. Madame Leblanc is proprietor of the fashionable ladies' millinery establishment, Pitt Street. Madame Leblanc's daughters are designers and milliners to an exclusive clientele in both town and country. Madame Leblanc is and has been an active worker in the I.O.D.E.
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