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eLEGANT in every appointment and detail is a fitting description of the splendid barns of Mr. Wm. C. Leitch, which are shown in the accompanying photographs. Situated on high ground sloping gradually to the majestic St. Lawrence River a few hundred yards distant, they present an imposing view from all sides.
       The design for the buildings was drawn by a prominent firm of architects and the buildings present an artistic appearance. The walls are of pressed red brick with a frame superstructure. The barns proper are in two sections, the cattle barn and the horse barn, the dimensions being 72 x 48 feet, and 62 x 40 feet, respectively, over all covering an area of 5,936 square feet. These two main sections interlock, forming spacious interior compartments.

Interior View of Horse Barns, William C. Leitch
Interior View of Horse Barns, William C. Leitch

       The floors throughout are of concrete. In the cattle barns sheet metal stalls, provided with the latest and most approved feeding devices and sanitary equipment, are striking features. There are forty-four cattle stalls and four box stalls of modern type in this section. In the horse section are nine standing and five box stalls of solid hardwood. A unique departure here is the cabinet mangers which are so regulated as to allow Mr. Horse to feed himself and then remove before lying down. Up-to-date refuse carriers operate throughout, dumping their contents in the rear.
       The ventilation and lighting properties of these barns are well-nigh perfect. Numerous air-ducts constantly convey sweet, pure air to all parts of the buildings while ventilation shafts in the roofs as rapidly expel the foul air. This process is
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