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Montreal Water and Power Company a fifty million gallon filtration plant at a cost of $6oo,ooo; a sewerage and waterworks contract for the town of St. Louis, P.Q., now St. Louis Ward of Montreal; paved extensively in Montreal; erected a traffic bridge over the Richelieu River, between St. Johns and Iberville, P.Q.; constructed two 51-inch pipe lines for the City of Ottawa, known as the Ottawa Overland Pipe Line; successfully completed extensive Montreal Tramways work; and have just erected a stone-crushing plant, capable of crushing 4,000 tons of stone daily, and built a filtration plant for the city of St. Johns, P.Q.
       The story of Mr. Leitch's rise to his present eminent position in the industrial world makes interesting reading, and should serve as an incentive to ambitious Canadian youth. He received his education in the public schools and the Cornwall High School, and later graduated from the Belleville Business College. He immediately

Interior View of Cattle Barns, William C Leitch
Interior View of Cattle Barns, William C Leitch

accepted a position with the Moffitt, Hodgins & Clark Company, of Syracuse, New York, where he remained for five years. In 1892 he was offered and accepted the position of Superintendent of Construction for the Montreal Water and Power Company, retiring from that position in 1903 to organise the Laurin & Leitch Engineering and Construction Company. Mr. Leitch is regarded as essentially the practical member of the firm, and his judgment is unreservedly accepted by the company in tendering on contracts involving huge amounts.
       The mother of Mr. Leitch was Nicholas Brydon, and his wife's maiden name Mary Cashion. He is the father of two sons and one daughter. One son saw active service at the front during the great war, serving his King and Country.
       In politics he is a Conservative, and of Scotch extraction. Mr. Leitch is a brother of the late Judge James Leitch, formerly a member of the Ontario Railway Commission.

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