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gEORGE AUDENE LAVIS was born twenty-four years ago and operates the fine 170-acre farm located Lot 1, Concession I, Williamsburg Township, Dundas County. Mr. Lavis' father's name was George Nelson Lavis, and his mother's maiden name Ivanilla Mayhan. He married Carrie Broder, daughter of the late Andrew Broder, M.P. for Dundas County for many years. He is the father of one daughter. Mr. Lavis is a Methodist in religion, an Independent in politics and an Irish-Canadian.
       While a patron of the Aultsville Factory in the past, Mr. Lavis now ships his milk to Montreal. He is President of the Aultsville Branch of the Milk Shippers' Association, and has the distinction of being the only one of the twenty-three members of this association shipping during the past summer.

Home of George A. Lavis, Aultsville
Home of George A. Lavis, Aultsville

       Mr. Lavis is a breeder of Holstein cattle, and has a herd of 35 registered Holstein cattle. A drove of 25 sheep, 20 swine, 6 horses and over 200 fowl are part of the live-stock equipment of the farm. His farm yields, annually, 1,500 bushels of grain, 50 tons of hay, 200 bushels of potatoes and several acres of corn. Mr. Lavis has been farming eight years.
       He has been a member of the Cornwall Cheese Board for six years and a patron of the Aultsville Factory for the same period. He ships to Montreal a daily average of 400 pounds of milk during the seven months' season.
       Mr. Lavis has spent considerable time in Montreal working as a mechanic. He was foreman of the shrapnel department for the Steel Company of Canada during the great war, and was also steamboating on the Upper Lakes for the Montreal Transportation Company for some time. He also saw service as a traction engineer in Western Canada.
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