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jOHN A. LAFAVE was born in Lochiel Township, Charlottenburg, Glengarry, forty-two years ago. He operates one of the largest farms — 339 acres — and has, perhaps, the largest herd of cattle of any farmer in the vicinity — 80 some odd. He has 7 horses, 18 swine and nearly 100 fowl. He ships all of his milk to J. J. Joubert, Montreal.
       Mr. Lafave's farm is located West Part 1/2 of B, Cornwall Township. It yields annually 1,700 bushels of grain, 150 tons of hay, 17 acres of corn and 2 acres of potatoes.
       Mr. Lafave's rapid rise in the world from a poor mill operator, working in the Canada Cotton Mills at a small daily wage, to his present position of influence and standing is due to pluck, intelligence and perseverance. His example in achieving agricultural eminence at a comparatively youthful age is one that might well be followed by ambitious youths.

John A. Lafave and His Home
John A. Lafave and His Home

       Mr. Lafave has been farming for only fourteen years and has been shipping his milk to Montreal for that length of time. His cattle are all graded Ayrshires. In the matter of barns, this farm is particularly well equipped, there being one main cattle barn, two other large barns, an implement shed and six outbuildings, also a Nato Imperial silo of glazed tile, 16' by 35'. The main farmhouse is built of stone, and there is also a Cottage House for the use of the farm help.
       Mr. Lafave's father's name was Moses Lafave, and his mother's name Sofia Larue. He married Emma Derouchie and has five sons and four daughters. In religion he is a Roman Catholic, in politics a Liberal, and his nationality is French Canadian. It is generally predicted that Mr. Lafave has a still brighter future before him as a practical dairyman and agriculturist.
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