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hENRY S. KINLOCH was born thirty-eight years ago. He owns and operates the splendid 232-acre farm, located Lots 7 and 8, Seventh Concession, Indian Lands, Charlottenburg Township. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Kinloch. Mr. Kinloch married Janet Blackwood and is the father of two sons. He is a Presbyterian in religion, a Conservative in politics and of Scotch descent.
       Mr. Kinloch, who has farmed all his life, has a well-stocked farm, which yields annually 1,400 bushels of grain, 120 tons of hay and 120 tons of corn. His herd of 55 cattle consists of pure-bred and graded Holsteins. A sugar bush of some 650 trees is located on the farm.

H. S. Kinloch and His Residence
H. S. Kinloch and His Residence

       Mr. Kinloch has been active in the political life of Glengarry. He served three years in the Charlottenburg Township Council, and in 1918 became Deputy Reeve, which admitted him to the County Council. He was elected Reeve of Charlottenburg Township for 1919. He was director of the St. Lawrence Agricultural Society for two years, vice-president one year, and in 1918 became president.
       Mr. Kinloch has been secretary-treasurer of the Martintown Rural Telephone Company since it was organized in 1911, and first vice-president of the Martintown Farmers' Club. He has been a member of the Cornwall Cheese Board for twenty-one years and is a patron of the Burn Brae Cheese Factory.
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