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Dr. Charles A. Keddy
Dr. Charles A. Keddy

dR. CHARLES A. KEDDY, veterinarian, Cornwall, is perhaps one of the best qualified professional men who ever practised in this community. For a young man Dr, Keddy has had a very wide and diversified experience, and this has been greatly augmented by invaluable knowledge gained during the great war with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. Dr. Keddy was born at Halifax, N. S., educated at the Halifax Public Schools, Nova Scotia Technical College, and Toronto University. When the war broke out Dr. Keddy was practising Veterinary Science in Halifax and he immediately offered his services and was signed as lieutenant with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps.
       For two years in Halifax, prior to the great explosion there, Dr. Keddy devoted his entire time to war veterinary work. The explosion practically demolished the depot at Halifax and he was as a result transferred to Jersey City, N. J., where he was promoted to the rank of captain. From Jersey City Captain Keddy was transferred to Montreal, where he was placed in charge of the hospital at Rosemount, where he was stationed until January 10th, 1919, when he received his discharge.
       Dr. Keddy states that during his hospital service, while shipping to the war zone as many as 1,000 horses and mules were in the hospital at one time.
       Dr. Keddy's ambition to succeed professionally, his eminent qualifications and his splendid military record ensure for him a brilliant future locally. He came to Cornwall to make his home and has already by ability and perseverance worked up a fine practise.

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