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   Brigadier-General C.L. Hervey, D.S.O.
Brigadier-General C.L. Hervey, D.S.O. pERHAPS the most notable of the many brilliant war records achieved by Eastern Ontario Canadians is that of Brigadier-General C. L. Hervey, D.S.O., who saw several years' distinguished service in France and Belgium. General Hervey was decorated by the King at Buckingham Palace in June, 1918, when he was invested with the Distinguished Service Order.
       It was in the early part of the second year of the war the call came from overseas for experienced officers and men in the construction of railways, bridges, etc., and the outcome was the organization of the Canadian Overseas' Railway Construction Corps. C. L. Hervey, a well-known railway contractor, who had completed the building of the Glengarry and Stormont Railway from Cornwall to St. Polycarpe, was one of the first to offer his services, and his friends were more than pleased that his ability in that direction was recognized by the military authorities, by his appointment as Major in the unit.
       That his selection was a wise one has since been amply proven. The work of the Railway Corps, from the time of its arrival in France, showed the necessity of its formation, and resulted in a demand for the raising and organizing in Canada and England of further battalions. This work, in England, was entrusted to Major Hervey, and with his usual enthusiasm he commenced enlisting, and in a few short weeks had the requisite number.
       He returned to France as Commanding Officer of the 4th Canadian Railway Troops, with the full confidence of Headquarters, and, better still, of the men serving under him. General Hervey played a gallant and conspicuous part in the activities of this Corps, and but two illustrations in many dramatic ones will serve as samples of his heroism and fearlessness when Britain was fighting with, as Field Marshall Haig said, "her back to the wall."

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