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  A. Halliwell
  Specialist in Tire Surgery

A. Halliwell, Specialist in Tire Surgery a.HALLIWELL, proprietor of the new Vulcanizing Shop, located at corner of Water and Sydney streets, Cornwall, is an expert in the art of automatic tire vulcanizing. Mr. Halliwell, who is a Cornwall boy, and has formerly been employed in Cornwall in various positions of importance and trust, is a graduate of the Vulcanizing Department of the Sweeney Automobile and Tractor School, of Kansas City, Missouri. This school is one of the largest and best equipped in the United States. Mr. Halliwell has decided to devote his talents and service to the Automobile Tire Repair Industry of his home town. The equipment in this shop is as complete as modern methods and modern appliances can make it, and these accessories, added to skilled workmanship, are guarantees of satisfactory results. Mr. Halliwell specializes in tire vulcanizing and all its branches, including tube splicing, tube repairing and casing work. He employs what is known as the localized heat mould, the latest up-to-date method in vulcanizing. He absolutely guarantees all his work. This new vulcanizing plant is located in one of the most desirable sites in Cornwall, and the quarters are spacious, well lighted and modernly appointed. A new Free Air Outfit has just been installed. You will be well advised to give the Halliwell Steam Vulcanizing Shop a trial. Gasoline is supplied from a guaranteed Visible Measure Gasoline Pump.

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