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top" to a glorious victory for Cornwall. Cornwall in sport has been placed on the map largely because of his efforts.
       Mr. Graveley has always taken an active interest in politics, Federal, Provincial and Municipal, his independence allowing him free action. He is never on the fence politically. He always has a candidate and fights for him. His judgment and influence in matters political are given serious consideration and are known to have considerable weight.
       His executive ability has been recognized generally, and this has been rewarded by his repeated election to the directorate of the Cornwall Agricultural Society.

Exterior View of R.J. Graveley's Store
Exterior View of R.J. Graveley's Store

This year he is President of that organization. Outside of his regular business he has held many positions of importance in Cornwall, being bailiff, health officer, county constable and an auctioneer of repute. Mr. Graveley runs a billiard academy in connection with his tobacco business.
       Mr. Graveley is of Scotch extraction. He is married and the father of one daughter.

       The names of the factories on the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board that pasturize whey are: North Branch, Burn Brae, McGillivray's Bridge, Cornwall Gems, Island, Moulinette, Glen, Black River, Mays Fancy, White Rose, Summerstown Station, Farmers Choice, Lilly White and Kings Road. The names of the factories making whey butter from cream are Black River and Sweet Briar. These four factories have whey skimming plants: Moulinette, Farmers Lee, McMillans Corners, and Strathmore. Names of factories making butter spring and fall are Burn Brae, River Bank and Sweet Briar.
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