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R.J. Graveley, President, Cornwall Agricultural Society, 1920

President, Cornwall Agricultural Society, 1920
r.J. GRAVELEY, tobacconist, wholesale and retail, enjoys the enviable reputation of being proprietor of one of the oldest established business concerns in Cornwall, having started catering to the needs of the public in 1883. Through initiative, shrewd native ability, square dealing, progressive ideas and indomitable courage he has gained a remarkable success and is regarded as one of the most esteemed and reputable of the citizens of Cornwall.
       Starting from a small beginning and struggling gamely through adverse and discouraging business conditions in the early days of his career he gradually emerged a successful business man. Essentially an optimist and a booster, his slogan has always been "Cornwall first." Anything and everything that was good for the Old Town has the unfailing, enthusiastic support of Mr. Graveley.
       This spirit of loyalty and patriotism to Cornwall can be exemplified in no better way than his never failing advocacy of clean sport. A healthy mind in a healthy body has been his motto, and in his own physical endowments and mode of living he splendidly typifies these qualities.
       In athletics Mr. Graveley has led with unabated zeal the successful promotion of lacrosse, hockey and boxing. Many a time at the crucial turning point of a championship lacrosse or hockey match his unflagging fervour, strenuous endeavours, and skilful judgment have sent a tired and wavering team "over the
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