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   Duncan A. Grant
Duncan A. Grant dUNCAN A. GRANT was born in the Township of Finch, February 9, 1864, and owns the splendid 100-acre farm located East 1/2 Lot 2, Second Concession, Cornwall Township.
       Mr. Grant lays claim, and rightly so, to being a breeder of some of the finest pure-bred Holstein cattle in Eastern Ontario. He has won many prizes at the Cornwall Fair as an exhibitor of cattle. His herd of Holsteins usually numbers about twenty-five. He sells his cream at the Cornwall City Dairy.
       His farm yields annually 600 bushels of grain, 60 tons of hay, 7 acres of corn, 300 bushels of potatoes and 400 bushels of roots. Besides his herd of cattle, he has 4 horses, 10 swine and a half-hundred fowl. He has been engaged in farming for twenty years.
       Mr. Grant's father's name was Alexander P. Grant and his mother was Mary Ann Huff. His wife's maiden name was Sarah Alguire, and he is the father of six sons and four daughters. In religion he is a Presbyterian and in politics a supporter of the Union Government.

King Topsy of Hett Loo. no. 17181
King Topsy of Hett Loo. no. 17181
Dam's A.R.O. Record 30.24 lbs of Butter in 7 Days
Sire's Dam and G.D. 29.36 and 29.62 lbs of Butter in 7 days
Holstein Bull, D.A. Grant, Owner

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