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 Eugene Fortin, Proprietor
 Lilly White Cheese Factory

Adam C. Fetterly Mayor of Cornwall, 1919-20 eUGENE FORTIN is manufacturer and owner of the Lilly White Factory at Fortin's Corners, Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry County.
       Mr. Fortin, who is thirty-five years of age, is regarded as one of the most proficient makers of cheese on the Cornwall Cheese Board.
       Mr. Fortin has had a lengthy experience in cheese manufacturing, having started in the business eighteen years ago at Moose Creek as helper with Joseph Vance. He was in the North Branch Factory as manufacturer for seven years and from there came to Fortin's Corners, where he built the commodious and well-equipped Lilly White Factory seven years ago. He lives in a part of the factory building and has operated this plant since with great success.
       This factory has about thirty patrons, and has always boarded on the Cornwall Board. The number of pounds of cheese manufactured annually is near the 100,000 mark. The amount of milk during a season, delivered to the factory totals about 1,050,000 pounds, and the amount of money paid the patrons is approximately $18,800.00. The manufacturer's pay is near the $2,000 figure.
       As a side line, Mr. Fortin devotes considerable time acting as agent for farm machinery and in this departure has gained considerable success. Although still a young man, Mr. Fortin has a bright future before him in the cheese manufacturing business. Mr. Fortin has been the only successful Ontario exhibitor of cheese at the Sherbrooke Fair.
       Mr. Fortin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fortin. He married Mary Alice Rushford, and is the father of two sons and one daughter. In religion he is a Roman Catholic, in politics a Liberal, and a French-Canadian.
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