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his own business to look after that of the town. In Federal politics Mr. Fetterly is a strong supporter of the Union Government.
       Three sons of Mr. Fetterly served with distinction at the front during the great war, all coming safely through. The eldest, Grant, however, was a victim of influenza while on his way home and died in England while awaiting transportation.
       Mr. Fetterly is well and favorably known throughout the Three Counties because of his large insurance business and his position as Official Provincial Issuer of Automobile Licenses. He has been Secretary-Treasurer of the Cornwall Agricultural Society for three years. He has been Treasurer of the Cornwall Automobile Club since it was organized and it was as a result of his influence that the club members visited the New York State Highways. This trip lent the first direct impetus to the "Good Roads" scheme locally. It was Mr. Fetterly who was responsible for a resolution being carried by the Cornwall Board of Trade and Cornwall Town Council memorializing both the Federal and Provincial Governments to start work on the Provincial Highways through Cornwall and vicinity.

Residence of Mayor A. C. Fetterly
Residence of Mayor A. C. Fetterly

This action on the part of the local bodies resulted in the Montreal Board of Trade taking similar action in which it emphasized the importance of the two provinces being joined by good roads. Mr. Fetterly has been called "The father of the good road movement," locally.
       In sport, Mr. Fetterly has always taken an active part and this year the Cornwall Lacrosse Executive unanimously elected him President of their Association and gave him a free hand in directing the affairs of the Club. That he has made a grand success of this venture is shown by the standing of the local club.
       He was very active in war time activities and in planning suitable peace celebrations since the cessation of hostilities.
       Mr. Fetterly is always in the forefront in boosting any and every movement that has for its object the advancement of the Town of Cornwall and vicinity.
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