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  Adam C. Fetterly
  Mayor of Cornwall, 1919-20

Adam C. Fetterly Mayor of Cornwall, 1919-20 aDAM C. FETTERLY, Mayor of Cornwall, was born July 10th, 1864, in Dundas County. He received his education at the Public Schools and the Morrisburg Collegiate Institute from which he graduated. He subsequently taught school in Dundas County for fifteen years. He was the pioneer teacher to introduce High School work in the Public Schools in that County.
       Perhaps no better example of what perseverance, integrity, courage and the will to succeed could be afforded than in the case of Mr. Fetterly and this is shown in a brief glance at this sketch. Leaving his teaching profession he came to Cornwall in 1899 to accept the appointment of General Agent of the Mutual Life Assurance Company for the Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. His contract reading that he should live in Cornwall.
       Mr. Fetterly by hard, aggressive work and personal popularity succeeded in the twenty years he has resided here in developing the business of the Mutual Life until the annual business of the Company equals the total on the books of the Company at that time. The Mutual Life was twenty-eight years old when Mr. Fetterly assumed charge here. During the first six months of 1919, the Mutual Life showed an increase of 200%. The volume of business in this district was $132,000, as compared with $40,000 the corresponding six months of last year. A striking example of the appreciation of the farmers for this Company is shown by the fact that the largest individual policy holder in the Three Counties is a farmer holding a $50,000 policy. Mr. Fetterly insured this risk. Mr. Fetterly claims, and his claims are verified, that once the Mutual Life business is introduced into a home, so satisfactory are the results, that all the inmates eligible for insurance ultimately become policy-holders. No Company has a better pleased clientele than the Mutual Life.
       Mr. Fetterly has taken an active and important part in local politics having served as councillor for both the West and Centre Wards and now occupies the Mayor's Chair. He is the first insurance man to have ever occupied that position. His policy in municipal affairs has always been one of progress and this year while he has the co-operation of the citizens generally in his plans for Cornwall's advancement he has been opposed by an unfriendly council. His regime as Mayor has started Cornwall on an era of development and prosperity which have earned for him the title of "The best Mayor Cornwall ever had." Mr. Fetterly neglects
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