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life you need never have to search far without discovering somewhere quietly present the woman who is inspiring him and helping him. While Mr. Fawthrop was out with his old horse and rig in the country buying butter, or in town selling his goods, there at home in the little 16 ft x 20 ft. store was his wife, the mother of his five children, serving customers, taking care of the stored goods, watching the eggs, the butter and the cheese stocks so that nothing was wasted, guarding her

Percy Fawthrop
Percy Fawthrop

husband's interests in every way with the fidelity of a Roman soldier and the wit of a woman who wants her children to have a chance in life.
       Today the sons and the daughter of the Fawthrop family adore their mother, and proudly tell how she helped their father build up the splendid business which grew while they were also growing up.
       By and by the butter and egg business and the business in small staple groceries began to gather momentum, and to swing along steadily of itself. Service and quality were winning their reward. Then customers recognizing that service and quality are inseparable from the name Fawthrop in business, began to ask for other lines of goods.
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