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a through street but a cul-de-sac leading nowhere, and that it would lead nowhere and never be a thoroughfare for twenty years to come, how would the idea of a store on that street strike you? Would you imagine that man would make a success of such a proposition? What would you think of the prophet who predicted that in less than twenty years that man in that very location would be carrying a $30,000 stock, and doing business with a turnover of from $90,000 to $100,000 a year?
       It is easy to prophecy after the event, but it can be announced here without fear of contradiction that this apparently impossible achievement has been accomplished. The city in which this fact was carried out was Cornwall, Ontario. The man who achieved it is A. Fawthrop, senior member of Fawthrop Bros., of Cornwall.

Store of Fawthrop Bros. General Merchants
Store of Fawthrop Bros. General Merchants

      Incredible as it may seem, Mr. Fawthrop started his business some eighteen years ago without capital, without experience, and in a location exactly as described, on a cul-de-sac street, and well outside of the city limits. His little place there was a wooden frame building only 16 ft. by 20 ft. He had a family of five to keep, and only $150, in hand when he was compelled by ill-health to give up his employment as a paper-maker, and was thrown entirely upon his own resources. He was of a slight physique, and very deaf. But he had something that outweighs every other ingredient in the receipt of success — courage and common sense. Today he has a $30,000 stock in his store, and the annual turnover of his retail grocery and dry goods business is worth $90,000 to $100,000. His stock-in- trade has out-grown his premises three times in the past eighteen years; it has succeeded in gradually ousting him and his family into living quarters away from
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