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tO succeed in the retail grocery business a man must have capital and experience. No one would dream of advising another to enter upon this line of business without these essentials. If a man came to you enquiring whether he should enter the retail grocery business, and told you first, that he was in poor health, very deaf, and not physically robust; secondly, that he had absolutely no experience of the retail grocery

A. Fawthrop
A. Fawthrop

business, and was in fact a paper maker by trade, never having sold anything across a counter or otherwise and never having wrapped a parcel; thirdly, that he had only a hundred and fifty dollars in hand, and a family of five to keep, would you advise him to start up a grocery business?
       If he told you further that the location at which he proposed to establish his store was outside of the city limits, and a very considerable distance away from all retail buying centres of the city, what would you think of his plan? Suppose you knew that the street on which he proposed to locate was not even
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