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 J. A. Farlinger
J. A. Farlinger j.A. FARLINGER is forty-three years old and is the son of Robert Farlinger and Emiline Loney. He was born on the 140-acre farm which he now operates, located Second Concession, Indian Lands, Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry County. He is a patron of the Farmer's Choice Cheese Factory, Tyotown.
       A splendid herd of 40 cattle, 12 horses, 25 swine, and over 50 fowl, are a part of the livestock equipment of his farm. He is a successful breeder of pure-bred Clydes and Holstein cattle.
       Mr. Farlinger is perhaps one of the largest growers of grain in the Tyotown District, producing over 1,000 bushels yearly. He grows over 100 tons of hay, 12 acres of corn, 100 bushels of potatoes and 25 barrels of assorted apples.
       Our subject has been actively farming for upwards of twenty years, and for that period of time has been a patron of the Cornwall Cheese and Butter Board. The fact that he delivers an average of 700 pounds of milk daily to the Tyotown Factory, during the season, is proof of the quality of his cattle.
       Mr. Farlinger married Catherine Jane Grant and is the father of three sons and one daughter. He is an Anglican in religion and a Conservative in politics.
       He is one of the most popular and prosperous farmers in Charlottenburg, and has served five years in the Township Council, one year acting as Deputy Reeve, and one year as Reeve.

Barns of J. A. Farlinger
Barns of J. A. Farlinger
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