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  George H. Eastman and Sons
				H. Eastman and Sons gEORGE H. EASTMAN was born November 5th, 1876, on the farm which he now operates, located West ½, Centre Part, Lot 12, Third Concession, Cornwall Township. His father's name was Charles Eastman and his mother was Caroline J. Alguire. His wife's maiden name was Phoebe A. C. Alguire. He is the father of two sons and one daughter. In religion he is a Protestant and in politics a Conservative.
       Mr. Eastman is a patron of the Farmer's Lea Cheese Factory and a member of the Cornwall Cheese Board. He delivers a daily average of 150 pounds of milk to the factory during the season. Seven cows, 3 horses and a large number of fowl comprise the live-stock equipment of the farm. Mr. Eastman's farm yields yearly 400 bushels of grain, 20 tons of hay, 1,200 bushels of potatoes and 3 acres of vegetables. He also owns a splendid orchard.
       Mr. Eastman, however, specializes in growing winter vegetables, and the tables of many of the leading families of Cornwall are kept supplied with choice vegetables of all kinds. An original device of his for winter use in the carrying of vegetables to Cornwall in a covered sleigh heated by a stove which protects the vegetables from frost-bite and insures their reaching the market in excellent condition.
       Mr. Eastman has been a regular prize winner at the Cornwall Fair for many years in butter, fruit and vegetable exhibits. His two sons assist him in the running of his market gardening. Mr. Eastman takes special pride in his pure-bred Holstein cattle.
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