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  Thos. R. Dunkin
Thos. R. DunkindUNKIN & IRWIN are Cornwall's largest grocers. This firm operates two splendid, up-to-date stores, one located in the Colquhoun Block and the other in the Glengarry Block, Pitt Street. The firm is composed of Thomas R. Dunkin and G. Allan Irwin, both well known as being among the popular and progressive younger business men in Cornwall.
       Dunkin's Grocery Store has been known to residents of the Three United Counties for many years, it having been founded by Wm. H. Dunkin, father of Thos. R. Dunkin, in 1876. It is the oldest established Grocery Store in Cornwall, and Wm. H. Dunkin always enjoyed the reputation of being the soul of honour in his business dealings. His son "Tom" as he is familiarly known to the trade, possesses the keen business judgment and integrity of his father.
  G. Allan Irwin
James Fagan        Thomas R. Dunkin took over the business from his father, Nov. 22nd, 1909, and has made a remarkable success of his venture since assuming control. This success was greatly augmented when Dunkin & Irwin formed a partnership in October, 1913. Mr. Irwin is equally as popular as Mr. Dunkin.
       In January 1st last the business of the new firm had increased to such proportions that it was considered good business policy to open up a second store and for this purpose the grocery business of D. J. Gillies was purchased. That this move was warranted is shown by the fact that business has practically doubled since their new departure.
       Dunkin & Irwin specialize in only high-class goods, the lower store featuring the finest brands of teas and coffees and the upper one all kinds of fruits in season. Mr. Dunkin who presides over the lower store claims that customers come to this store exclusively for teas and coffees.
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